Fight For FJG Writer’s Policy

This policy covers all officially published written content by members to the website, social media channels, public platform publications acting as Fight For FJG or as its agent.



Content Management Committee (CMC): is the standing committee for all content creation, curation. and management.


Fight For FJG Member: A Fight For FJG Member is anyone who contributes to the organization financially in the form of an annual recurring contribution OR who attends local Fight For FJG events and fills out an official volunteer form OR serves on the Board of Directors OR has otherwise been designated by Fight For FJG as a contributing member. (See Membership Policy)


Original Content: is defined as content published in the name of Fight For FJG or representative of one of its official board of Directors members or other official publications. Original Content becomes the copyrighted intellectual property of Fight For FJG and is not associated with the content creators, except as outlined in the content submission guidelines and definitions.


Content Submission Guidelines and Definitions


Contributors: are defined as Fight For FJG Members serving in any capacity that are granted publication privileges to one or more of the media outlets, wherein they maintain their own identity, receive credit for the publication on the respective platform.

  1. Any submissions by a contributor published become the ongoing legal property of Fight For FJG and its copyright privileges.
  2. Contributor submissions are not guaranteed for approved publication. The process set up in the CMC will determine submission guidelines on an individual Contributor basis.
  3. Contributors shall submit a photo and bio to be included with their articles.


Authors: are defined as agents, staff, stewarts or staff of Fight For FJG, by virtue being Fight For FJG Members, who write, publish Original Content for Fight For FJG.  

  1. Author submissions are to be funneled through the submission guidelines prepared by the CMC and subcommittees.
  2. Author submissions may be used in their entirety or in part as a piece of a larger publication.
  3. Author credits and bio information may be granted for extraordinary publications but shall not be compulsory of the CMC to grant credits privileges. Well performing Authors that want credits included can apply to become a Contributor, and become elevated to the privileges that status maintains.
  4. Authors report directly to the Chair of the CMC and/or designated agents of the CMC.


Editors: are defined as agents, staff, stewards or staff of Fight For FJG, by virtue being Fight For FJG Members, who aid writers with publishing Original Content for Fight For FJG.

  1. Editor responsibilities are flexible based on need.
  2. Editors report directly to their assigned CMC member contact.


The policies are meant to be guidelines and do not represent the entirety of the fight For FJG copyrights or ownership of intellectual property. For further details on Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimers, please refer to our website at