How to Finance Climate Action with Fadhel Kaboub

Real Progressive covers a presentation by Economist Fadhel Kaboub.

“Financing the War on Climate Change: The Power of Financial Sovereignty” live from Intersect ECO – Community for Climate conference at Denison University.”

Dr. Fadhel Kaboub’s breaks down on the immediate dangers of climate change and solutions, through the Federal Jobs Guarantee, in less than an hour. There is no elevator pitch for this topic. The greatest economic minds in the world have broken this down in the simplest terms humanly imaginable. For those of you that understand Modern Monetary Theory and can explain the Jobs Guarantee, it is incumbent upon you to activate your message at every reasonable opportunity.

While brief in duration, this explanation hits on the very clear realities of our federal government’s ability to invest in whatever it pleases, including, but not limited to, public services programs like the Federal Jobs Guarantee.

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