About #FightForFJG

Mission Statement:

The current rising interest in a Job Guarantee in the United States reflects the convergence of a long history of civil rights struggle and of a more than 20-year economic research program working out its implications and the requirements for its successful implementation. The mission of Fight For FJG is to serve as a reliable resource for policymakers and activists who are seeking to advocate and implement a program consistent with this history and research while avoiding programs that are faulty in design or in opposition to an actual Federal Job Guarantee.

#FightForFJG is a movement started to aim our focus of national efforts on educating and protecting the Federal Job Guarantee proposal.

This group is made up of individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds. We aim to expose any proposals that fail to provide the measures needed for a successful implementation of a Job Guarantee in our country. This means debunking and resisting bills by leaders that cozy up to the private sector with subsidies and incentives.

The primary mission of this movement is to advocate for and implement the Federal Job Guarantee that will transform our economy instantly and created an atmosphere of security for working people, eliminating involuntary unemployment in our nation, once and for all.